Exceeding the Vision – International Convention 2017

Greetings in His glorious name!

I just returned home from attending the International Convention and Leadership Summit in the Philippines. We have had international conventions in the past, but for the first time we had a unique gathering of delegates from all over the globe! I was blessed with great joy to meet and revisit the superintendents from our new districts. In our conversations, we encouraged one another as we each shared our ministry struggles as well as the victories. All were grateful to be a part of this fellowship and our beloved organization. This year’s theme from Nehemiah 2, was “Exceeding the Vision”. There was such a sweet anointing on our speakers that everyone sensed something truly greater than we had anticipated! The Lord showed us that the vision to go beyond our borders had come to fruition through the labor of those obedient to His Great Commission.

Now, we stand on the verge of something epic as the surpassing of this vision is about to unfold! I believe God has been preparing us for such a time where we are not satisfied with our accomplishments and the abundant growth but we strive forward united and with a greater responsibility; “to much is given, much is expected”. This unprecedented event must bring about changes in the way we govern ourselves in that some of the practices and traditions that have been long established will evolve. I realize change is never easy but God will guide us to embrace all that is necessary so we will be more effective and function as the great organization we are. We have much to do, “let us rise and build!”

Gratefully in His service,

Rev. Ben Refuerzo
IAFB General Superintendent

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