The duties of the mission department  are as follows:

1. Promotion/Training. The missions department/committee/team should:
-Train the membership in areas of Christian mission
-Disseminate missions information for support and prayer
-Encourage and train members to be involved in missions work

2. Support.
-Support missionaries and/or missions projects (materially/financially)
-Maintain contact between church and mission groups/missionaries
-Encourage missions giving
-Provide input to the Finance Committee/church on mission budget

3. Involvement.
-Provide opportunities for missions involvement.
-Partner with other departments or other churches on missions


  • Domestic/Foreign Cross-cultural Ministry- to communicate the gospel message across any and all cultural boundaries for the purpose of leading people to Christ and establishing them into viable fellowships that are also capable of reproducing themselves.
  • To convert and make disciples for God’s Kingdom


Mission Director: Bro. Felipe Lapastora
Assistant Mission Director: Bro. Proceso Marcos
Secretary: Bro. Jun Renegado
Treasurer: Bro. Alex Balanay
Advisors: Ptr. Tony De La Torre
                Ptr. Cris Calizo
                Ptr. Paulino Picar
Foreign Advisor: Dr. Paul Kim